Vendor Communication Guidelines

DU Libraries is committed to maintaining healthy working relationships with vendors we collaborate with to provide resources to the DU community.

We invite you to become familiar with DU Libraries’ Collection Development Philosophy, Accessibility, and Privacy Statement. We also encourage you to review the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts, which DU Libraries endorses independently and via membership in the Greater Western Library Alliance. It’s our hope that in this process you’ll understand what we aspire to and what we’re working toward.


  • Plan purposeful conversations that address the needs of both parties.
  • Extend thoughtfulness and consideration to everyone in meetings, and to the presentation of resources that contain culturally sensitive archival material.
  • Make use of primary vendor contacts available in the Libraries for sales and related issues, rather than contacting faculty outside the Libraries to initiate purchasing or subscription discussions. We understand that publishers communicate with faculty on editorial, publishing, and consultative issues, and we anticipate you’ll continue to do so.
  • Respect our purchasing timelines and decisions. We indicate early in negotiations that we have a timeline for making purchasing decisions, and those decisions are informed by budget constraints and our license review process. Once we make a decision, we expect that you’ll honor that decision.
  • Provide a realistic timeline for notice of pricing increases, interoperability changes, content updates, and invoice deadlines.
  • Trust that our knowledge of the DU community’s interests and needs informs the constructive work we do together.