Research Carrels and Lockers

Research Carrels

The carrel room is a quiet, space within the Anderson Academic Commons that you can reserve if you are currently working on an advanced research project with the University of Denver. The space consists of individual carrels and lockers along with a few community tables and armchairs.

Carrel availability is limited and you must submit an application in order to request a reservation. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis and require a confirmation from your advisor.

Your library account must be in good standing. Continued access to the carrel room is contingent on cooperation with all library and carrel room policies.

  • Carrel Room Policies

    You must remain quiet, not engage in group work, and use noise cancelling headphones.

    You must check-out all library materials before bringing them into the carrel room.

    • Materials may be stored on your carrel or in a locker.
    • Library staff monitor carrels and lockers; possession of unchecked-out library materials may result in confiscation of materials and loss of privileges.

    You must remove all your personal property and library materials from the Carrel Room at the conclusion of your reservation term.

    • If you do not remove your personal items by the end of your reservation, they will be removed by the library and turned into Lost and Found.
    • Any library materials left on your carrel after your reservation has ended will be checked-in.

    You are not allowed to bring furniture from other areas of the building into the carrel room.

    All furniture aside from the carrels and their corresponding chairs are intended for community use.

    • Materials left on communal furniture may be confiscated and sent to Lost and Found
    • Preventing others from using communal furniture by blocking space or leaving materials out may result in loss of privileges.
    • Any items you leave on carrels other than your reserved carrel will be checked-in or sent to Lost and Found.

    Currently, our locker systems are down.

    Lockers in the Carrel Room are not tied to your reservation and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • Limit one locker per person.

    Heaters, heating elements, and microwaves are not allowed in the Carrel Room; candles or open flames are not allowed in the building.

    Food and beverage is permitted on carrels, but take care not to damage library materials or invite pests into the space.

    You are responsible for keeping your carrel area clean.

    You may not use carrels for purposes other than active research (e.g. no office hours, no group meetings).

    The Carrel Room is only accessible via card tap if you have reserved a carrel for the quarter.

    • Letting those without an active reservation into the Carrel Room will result in a termination of privileges.
    • Your card tap access to the carrel room will be terminated after the conclusion of your reservation.

    Keep your personal materials, such as laptops, cell phones, and iPads in lockers and not left out on the study carrels.

    • University of Denver Libraries assumes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal possessions kept in carrels or lockers.
  • Apply for a Research Carrel

     We encourage you to submit a new application or a renew carrel application if you meet one of the following criteria:

    Carrel Application 

    • You are a doctoral candidate researching/writing your dissertation
    • You are a master’s candidate writing your thesis or capstone
    • You are an undergraduate student engaged in an extended research project (e.g. senior thesis, PINS project)

    Carrels are checked-out to your library account each quarter to allow for equitable use. You may apply for a renewal each quarter while actively working on your research project. The carrel reservation period begins on the first day of each quarter and continues through the following interterm.

    We will contact your advisor to confirm the status of your research project as part of the application process. The University Libraries makes every effort to accommodate researcher needs, but high demand may not allow us to assign a carrel to every applicant each quarter. If you are assigned a carrel, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to confirm your reservation.

    For more information on research carrels, contact



Currently, our locker system is not working.

A variety of both short-term and long-term lockers are available for use in the Anderson Academic Commons. For questions about AAC Lockers, visit the Lending Desk located on the main level of the Anderson Academic Commons near the front entrance, or call the Lending Desk at 303-871-3707.

  • Locker Policies

    All library materials should be checked out before being placed in a locker. University Libraries reserves the right to open lockers and inspect their contents for library material. Lockers are checked on a regular basis and items that have not been checked out are removed and returned to the shelves.

    No hazardous or illegal objects may be stored in lockers. University Libraries are not responsible for security of the contents of the locker. Failure to comply with usage guidelines may result in the loss of this privilege.

  • Short-Term Lockers

    Currently, our locker system is down.

    Public lockers are available on all floors of the Anderson Academic Commons for short-term storage needs. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To use a locker, enter a four-digit personalized code for locking and unlocking. Directions for setting the code are located inside each locker. Lockers unlock automatically after 24 hours.

  • Long-Term Lockers

    Currently, our locker system is down.

    A select number of lockers in the Anderson Academic Commons may be reserved for quarter-long use. Current students, faculty and staff are eligible to reserve a locker each quarter. Locker checkouts are limited to one per person. To apply for a long-term locker, please visit the Lending Services Desk in the Anderson Academic Commons.