DU Libraries' Support of Open Access and Open Educational Resources

Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resource (OER) materials are freely available research, teaching, and learning materials that anyone can access online. Through the use and creation of OA and OER materials, we're able to share knowledge more equitably. University Libraries advocate for OA publishing, as well as the creation and use of OERs.  

Below are resources and initiatives that support DU authors and editors, as well OA technology, business models, advocacy, and related efforts. 

If you have any questions about OA or need any help with issues described below, please contact Jack Maness, Associate Dean, University Libraries, at jack.maness@du.edu

Make Your Work Open

The Library manages Digital Commons @ DU, which brings together research and scholarly output selected and deposited by departments and centers on campus. The aim is to preserve and provide access to that research and scholarly output. Digital Commons is a great vehicle for: 

  • Working papers 
  • Copies of published articles 
  • Conference papers 
  • Presentations 
  • Senior theses 
  • Other works not published elsewhere 

Not sure if Digital Commons is a good host for your open work? The Library provides consulting and referral services related to copyright, publishing agreements, and discovery.

Publish Journals or Conference Proceedings

Digital Commons is also a publishing venue that can host conference proceedings or journal you edit. The Library provide consulting and referral services related to licensing, third-party content, and publishing workflows (e.g. indexing, identifiers, DC specific guidance, reviewing, etc.) 


Be Informed Before You Publish

The Library can help you understand your options to publish in other OA venues; determine whether a publication is OA or not and if that title’s business model is aligned with your values; or help you understand copyright, publishing agreements, and OER textbook publishing options. 

The Library occasionally host workshops on OA publishing and related issues. Check the current workshop schedule for more information.

Get Help with Article Processing Charges (APCs)

The Library has negotiated transformative agreements or joined memberships that allow us to assume all or part of the cost of article processing charges (APCs) for DU authors publishing with Cambridge University Press, MDPI, BioMed Central, and titles included in our SCOAP3 membership

We also provide support via our Open Access Publication Equity Fund and welcome your requests.