Databases provided by the DU Libraries offer a specialized search engine that can help you find more relevant results for your projects.

Subscription databases are available to current DU students, faculty, and staff. Use your DU email ( and associated password  to access most databases offered by the Libraries. Restrictions may apply to some databases, including download limits. See Usage Guidelines for best practices on using databases. See below for more information about alumni, emeritus, retirees, and visitors’ access.

Certain databases are freely available and do not require a login. These resources can be accessed by everyone from anywhere, regardless of your DU affiliation.

Search the A–Z Database List

To find the databases that fits your research needs, try one of the following:

  • Search by the keywords and descriptions that are relevant to your research
  • Search by titles of databases that you know are a good fit for your subject
  • Search your course subjects to find databases that are specialized in your area
  • Search for the type of materials that would be useful, such as videos, newspapers, music scores

If you use filters, clear the filter to refresh your search.

Database Access Privileges

  • Current Students, Faculty and Staff

    If you are actively enrolled in courses, teaching, or employed by DU, you have access to databases.

    Use your DU email ( and associated password to log in.

    Contact the Research Center for assistance.

  • DU Alums

    DU Alums can access specific databases on campus.

    Alumni should contact the Research Center for assistance or information about which databases alums can access.

  • DU Emeriti

    DU Emeriti Faculty have access to databases remotely.

    Contact the Research Center for assistance.

  • DU Retirees

    DU Retirees can access certain databases on campus.

    Retirees should contact the Research Center for assistance.

  • Visitors and Special Community Members

    Visitors without a Special Community Member agreement can acquire a computer pass from the Anderson Academic Commons’ Lending Desk through purchase or referral which will grant access to certain databases on campus.

    Special Community Members must work with a DU program or department to gain off campus database access.

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Using Databases from Off Campus?

Check out our Guide to Off Campus Research for additional information.

Guide to Off Campus Research