Traveling Exhibits

The University Libraries offer pre-packaged traveling exhibitions available for circulation and display at cultural and educational institutions across the United States. These exhibitions provide fresh interpretations for permanent collections, propose connections to recent research, and attract new audiences.

Institutions hosting traveling exhibitions may present related public programs, including lectures by scholars, panel discussions, book and film discussion series, school and college class tours and curriculum activities, essay contests, and concerts.

Exhibitions arrive ready to install, with curatorial and registrable information, public relations materials, publications, and installation, handling, and shipping instructions. Educational and programming materials may be designed upon request.

Exhibitors are responsible for an exhibition loan fee, insurance, and shipping costs.

For more information, email Madison Sussmann, Exhibits Librarian, at

From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life

This exhibition examines the Jewish experience in the United States through the prisms of "Haven" and "Home" in 15 double-sided concave panels, each measuring 88 inches high, 96 inches wide and 28 inches deep. It details the intertwined themes, and sometimes conflicting aims, of accommodation, assertion, adaptation, and acculturation that have characterized the American Jewish experience from its beginnings in 1654 to the present day.

"Haven" opens with a selection of pivotal documents expressing the ideals of freedom that have come to represent the promise of America. This section also explores the formative experiences of Jewish immigrants as they struggled to become American. "Home" focuses on the opportunities and challenges inherent in a free society, and the uniquely American Jewish religious movements, institutions, and associations created in response.

Exhibition Images

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