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The DU Libraries welcomes proposals for future exhibits. To propose an exhibit, read through the exhibition policies, take a look at the exhibition spaces and resources, then fill in the webform at the bottom of this page.

Exhibition Policies

  • University Libraries Mission & Values
  • Exhibits & Artworks Policy Guidelines

    The purpose of providing exhibits and artworks is to:

    • Bring attention to and highlight University Libraries' collections in all media and formats by creating exhibits using our own collections and/or enhancing visiting exhibits with resources from our collections when appropriate.
    • Publicize library resources, services, and facilities.
    • Promote inclusive excellence, enrich community knowledge, and showcase intellectual and creative works of faculty and students.
    • Draw attention to university events, and events of local or national significance.
    • Strengthen partnerships among the library, university, and wider community when appropriate.

    This policy establishes guidelines for exhibits and artworks in the University of Denver Libraries. It governs the use of the Library spaces for all exhibits, including the creation and management of exhibits featuring Library collections. The University Libraries Exhibits & Artworks Policy is also aligned with the University of Denver Art Collection Operations Guidelines. Engaging and meaningful exhibits and displays of artwork assist the Library in fulfilling its central educational mission and contribute to the cultural life of the Library and the University.

  • Selection
    • Any person, group, department, or organization affiliated with the University of Denver is eligible to contribute an exhibit.
    • Exhibits and artworks should feature broad and diverse viewpoints and demonstrate cultural and scientific importance if possible.
    • External traveling exhibits and artworks, for example, those from the American Library Association, which support the library's mission, are welcomed when feasible.
    • Exhibits and artworks may be associated with an event but cannot be commercial or promotional in nature.
    • The Library supports academic freedom but reserves the right to accept or refuse exhibits or artworks. The Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC) selects and/or approves the topics, materials, and dates for internal and external exhibits.
    • The lending of University Libraries exhibits or exhibition materials to non-University of Denver organizations or institutions is not intended as an endorsement or an indication of sponsorship by the University of Denver nor University Libraries.
  • Scheduling

    External Exhibitors

    • External exhibits originate from individuals or organizations not associated with University Libraries.
    • Potential exhibitors must complete the Exhibition Proposal Form. These documents request information about an exhibit's content, goals, objects/artworks, scheduling, installation, security, insurance, and promotional needs.
    • Completed forms must be received at least three (3) months prior to the proposed exhibit display time. Exhibit approval may take up to a month following the submission of the forms.

    Internal Exhibitors

    • Internal exhibits originate from the University Libraries' own faculty and staff.
    • A member of the Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC) must complete an Exhibition Proposal Form for each internal exhibit detailing concept, goals, objects/artworks, scheduling, installation, security, insurance, and promotional needs.
    • Completed forms must be submitted to the EAC at least three (3) months prior to the proposed exhibit display time. Exhibit approval may take up to a month following the submission of the forms.
  • Installation
    • It is necessary that exhibit installation be done so as to minimize disruption of normal library services. It is preferred to install exhibits and artworks during breaks between quarters or outside of normal hours of operation.
    • Exhibits and artworks must be effective, professional-looking displays with well-thought-out themes, relevant materials, and aesthetic appeal.
    • Internal exhibits take precedence over external exhibits.
    • Upon acceptance of an exhibit or artwork, the Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC) will provide guidelines on a case-by-case basis regarding installation, materials, budget, timelines, security, and any other necessary considerations.
    • Some external exhibits may require a painting and repair fee for modification to the exhibit space. The EAC will negotiate the terms of this fee at the initiation of the agreement.
    • The EAC reserves the right to edit or modify exhibit content and installation practices.
    • The EAC should be notified immediately if an exhibition must be canceled.
  • Security & Insurance
    • The Library will provide reasonable security measures for exhibits.
    • The Library accepts no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, exhibit pieces and materials at any time while in the Library or while being transported to or from the Library.
    • Unique or rare collection materials:
      • Unique or rare materials on display in a University Libraries exhibit will only be displayed in locked and alarmed cases.
      • Exhibition of University Libraries materials must be approved by the Curator of the collection.
      • Materials will be loaned out for the exhibit in accordance with Special Collections and Archives' policies and procedures.
      • Keys and the security code for locked and alarmed cases will only be made available to the Dean's office and, as necessary, Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC) members.
      • Unique or rare University Libraries collection materials that are to be displayed outside of University Libraries must also be displayed in alarmed and locked cases unless otherwise approved by the curator(s).
    • Circulating materials featured in exhibits:
      • Materials on display from current circulation collections must be checked out under the EAC University Libraries account in order to track their use and location.
    • Loaned materials from other individuals or institutions for an internal or external exhibit:
      • Exhibits that contain unique or rare materials from other individuals or institutions must include a signed Loan Agreement from the loaning institution or institutions indicating that both University Libraries and the loaning institution have agreed to all necessary terms at least one month prior to the exhibit.
      • The University of Denver and University Libraries do not provide insurance for exhibits or artworks on display. The exhibitor is responsible for insuring an exhibit or artwork if necessary.
  • Conservation

    The Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC) will work with the exhibitor to determine any conservation concerns for exhibited materials at least three months prior to the exhibit. Where appropriate, facsimiles of unique or rare materials will be used in exhibits. Furthermore, the EAC will monitor and record temperature and humidity in the University Libraries and exhibit areas on a monthly basis.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Exhibitors must submit a brief promotional description of the exhibit with the Exhibition Proposal Form so that University Libraries may use that information in the marketing and promotion of the exhibit.

    Marketing and publicity are primarily the responsibility of the exhibitor; however, University Libraries reserves the right to share information about the exhibit on its website, print material, and other relevant sites.

    Typical channels of promotion within DU by University Libraries staff include University Libraries website, DU marketing, and communications, e-newsletters including University Libraries and DU alumni relations, University Libraries and DU Facebook, and other social media.

Specific walls, cabinets, and technologies in the Anderson Academic Commons have been designated for exhibit use and managed by the Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC). The Exhibition Spaces & Cases PDF and the images below outline possible exhibit spaces for exhibitors.

For more information about space availability, scheduling, or setting up a tour of the Anderson Academic Commons and its exhibition spaces, please email Madison Sussmann.


For more images of available exhibition spaces and cases, please see the featured past exhibits.

Featured Past Exhibits

Propose an Exhibit

Either complete the following webform, or download the Exhibition Proposal Form and send the completed form to


University Libraries Exhibition Proposal Web Form

Please complete this form. It will be submitted to the Exhibits & Artworks Committee (EAC). The EAC is the sole judge of the proposed exhibition’s acceptability for display. Before completing the form, please review the Exhibition Policies & Resources.

I certify that I have received, read, and understood the University Libraries’ Exhibits and Artworks Policy prior to submitting this proposal.