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We are a members of the Federal Depository Library ProgramDU's official U.S. depository status dates back to 1909. However, many of the nearly 900,000 documents found in the collection are from well before that time. Historically the library had selected over 70% of available depository materials, meaning that we have a rich legacy collection. We have made consortial commitments with other Colorado depository libraries to retain our rich legacy collection for years to come. Strengths of our depository collection include commerce and transportation (Interstate Commerce Commission), foreign relations, congressional hearings and reports, and historical executive agency documents.

All of our current documents are made available in electronic format since we receive 100% of items distributed by the Government Printing Office. Older print and microfiche materials can easily be requested from off-site storage.

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Having 100% of our government documents in off-site storage makes discovery very difficult. Using this browsing tool you can see what documents we own in various formats, print, microfiche, and online. 

Documents of the U.S. GovernmentWe have created a virtual browsing tool that will enable you to browse paper, microfiche, and electronic documents using the Superintendent of Documents classification system.

Browse the Documents Stacks

 Government Documents Online Reference Shelf

Since nearly all government documents are online - including reference documents - you can use this guide to find government reference information.

Online Reference Shelf

Online Government Documents

97% of documents cataloged by the Government Printing Office are online, and we add all of these records to our catalog. Many initiatives are underway to digitize historic documents, the HathiTrust project being the most noteworthy of these projects.

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Through our licensed database purchases and subscriptions we have an extremely impressive representation of online documents. This includes the U.S. Congressional Serial Set from two vendors, all executive branch documents from 1789 to 1932 and many other sets. Use the PDF file to the right to access these databases. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Chris Brown (, the government documents coordinator, and he will guide you to the resources you need.

NOTE: Members of the general public should visit the Academic Commons to gain access to these databases.