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University Libraries

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Library Liaison Advisory Group Minutes

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Archive of Library Liaison Advisory Group Meeting Minutes



LLAG Spring 2021 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall 2020 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring 2020 minutes PDF       
LLAG Fall Winter 2019-20 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring 2019 minutes PDF
•Collections as Data Grant slides PDF
•DU Collections as Data blog PDF
•Anywhere Access slides PDF
LLAG Fall 2018 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring 2018 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall 2017 minutes


LLAG Winter 2017 minutes PDF
•ACRL Framework for Information Literacy PDF
•Diversify Your Course Readings PDF
LLAG Fall 2016 minutes PDF
•List of Browsers to Move to Flipster PDF


       LLAG Spring 2016 minutes PDF
       LLAG Fall 2015 minutes PDF
       •Sample Special Collections Primary Source Activity Handouts PDF


       LLAG Winter 2015 minutes PDF
       •List of New Databases PDF
       LLAG Fall 2014 minutes PDF
       •Open Access Presentation PDF
       •Exhibits Handout PDF


       LLAG Spring 2014 minutes PDF
       •Classroom Support Technology Presentation PDF
       LLAG Fall 2013 minutes PDF
      •Emerging Technologies and Research Support PowerPoint PDF


LLAG Fall 2012 minutes PDF Gottesfeld
LLAG Spring 2013 minutes PDF
•Benefits of the AAC for faculty PDF


LLAG Spring 2012 minutes PDF
•New Digital Resources PDF
•Summon Handout PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2011 minutes PDF
•New Database Resources PDF
•Reserves Handout PDF


LLAG Spring Quarter 2011
•LLAG Spring Quarter 2011 minutes May 9, 2011 PDF
•LLAG Spring Quarter 2011 minutes May 4, 2011 PDF
LLAG Winter Quarter 2011 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2010 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring Quarter 2010 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2009 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring Quarter 2009 minutes PDF
LLAG Winter Quarter 2009 minutes
•LLAG WQ 2009 minutes Arts and Humanities PDF
•LLAG WQ 2009 minutes Sciences PDF
•LLAG WQ 2009 minutes Social Sciences PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2008 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring Quarter 2008 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2007 minutes PDF


LLAG Spring Quarter 2007 minutes PDF
LLAG Winter Quarter 2007 minutes PDF
LLAG Fall Quarter 2006 minutes PDF