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Tabling Policy

The University of Denver Libraries allows DU departments, programs, and recognized student, faculty, or staff organizations to reserve an information table in the Anderson Academic Commons to engage with the campus community. Up to 3 groups at a time may table inside the front entrance of the building.

The mission of the AAC is to provide an academic environment conducive to teaching, learning, and studying. Therefore, we have established the following policies for tabling within the AAC.

Tabling Guidelines

  • We will prioritize requests for tabling from DU groups intending to raise awareness of services, resources, or events that are available to DU students, faculty, or staff. 
  • Tabling groups may not approach patrons working or studying in the building.
  • The tabling must abide by the Libraries Conduct and Use Policy, including no selling, soliciting, or fundraising.
  • All flyers, posters, or banners used during tabling must follow the DU Honor Code and cannot contain any profanity or offensive language. Any materials for advertising and promotion must fit within the space provided.
  • All noise should be kept to a low volume so as not to disrupt patrons studying or working in the AAC. Playing music is not allowed.
  • Food and other give-away items are allowed provided they follow DU Approved Policies.
  • Groups will be provided with 1 six-foot table and 2 chairs in a designated location inside the front entrance to the AAC. Organizations must provide all other equipment or materials. Access to power outlets is not guaranteed.
  • Tabling is only allowed on the main floor of the AAC. Groups must use the table they are assigned and tables may not be moved.
  • Groups are responsible for ensuring that all materials and signage is removed from the table at the end of their reservation.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a loss of future tabling privileges.

Reserving a Table

To request a date for tabling, please make a reservation through 25Live.

Three tables are available to reserve on the main floor of the AAC near the Front Porch Cafe. Tables are labeled with their respective number (AAC Table 1, AAC Table 2, and AAC Table 3).

All table reservations should be made at least 5 days in advance of the required date. Your reservation is not final until you have received a confirmation email with your assigned table.

Non-DU affiliated organizations will only be considered for tabling under special circumstances.


For questions about reserving a table in the AAC, please contact:

Andrea Ragoza
Anderson Academic Commons, Room 370
Phone: 303-871-3433