Manuscripts and Rare Books

In addition to our defined collecting areas, the University of Denver Special Collections collects rare books and manuscript collections in other thematic areas. Whenever possible, we collect in ways that intersect with our existing collections (i.e. papers of University of Denver alumni or faculty, artists in our Fine Press & Artists' Book Collection, etc.).

For archival collections, these areas include:

  • Political papers of Colorado elected officials
  • Author's papers, particularly those working in creative writing and/or poetry
  • Select papers or records of University of Denver faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Papers or records related to the history of the University Park neighborhood
  • Papers or records related to individuals or organizations represented in one of our other collecting areas (i.e. papers of book artists represented in our collection, papers of cookbook authors)

We also seek rare or unique materials that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Received substantial and sustained attention within the University or related to the local community
  • Represent ongoing departmental research interests
  • Cover topics that are the focus of interdisciplinary programs

Review the Special Collections Development Policy for more information on our collecting objectives.

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