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University Libraries

University Libraries

About the Anderson Academic Commons

Photos & Features

The Anderson Academic Commons' design and layout favors openness and natural light. Visitors enjoy expansive space, the Hamilton Atrium, and windows that offer incredible views of the campus, Denver and the Rocky Mountains.


The main level focuses on student support and event services.  View a map of the main level as a PDF or check out the highlights below.

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The lower level houses the library collections.  View a map of the lower level as a PDF or check out the highlights below.

  • Discover books on the library's compact moveable shelves.
  • Find a high-tech booth for studying with friends, and plug in your laptop to show your work on a large flat panel display.
  • Stay focused in the Gilbertson Family Quiet Study Room, encased in acoustic glass to allow for silent study.
  • Explore the library's greatest treasures inside the Fogel Family Reading Room, home of the Special Collections and Archives.
  • Visit the Schayer Seminar Room with your class to review primary resource material.
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The upper level is the study and project zone.  View a map of the upper level as a PDF or check out the highlights below.

  • Attend workshops in the Loft, a window-walled space hanging between the Hamilton Atrium and the main level.
  • Book a group study room.
  • Enjoy the Audio Cloud, an acoustically controlled sound and video space.
  • Sit in our 1970s-era egg chairs.
  • Browse our DVD collection.
  • Reserve a study carrel and locker for long-term projects.
  • Visit the Quinette Family Reading Room, featuring raised ceilings, handcrafted furniture and a fireplace.
  • Check out the Gottesfeld Room and the artists’ hand-made books kept on display inside.
  • Swipe your faculty ID for access to the faculty reading room.
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The Anderson Academic Commons is a beautiful addition to the University of Denver campus.

  • Lock up your bike at one of the numerous bike racks.
  • Drop off your skateboard or longboard at the board racks.
  • Enjoy your lunch on a picnic table on the patio.
  • Chat with friends in a rocking chair by the fire pit.
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In addition to regular exhibits throughout the building, the Anderson Academic Commons also houses a permanent artwork collection.