DEI Working Groups

A list of the staff- and faculty-led groups in the DU Libraries related to diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Antiracist Library Task Force

Active 2021–present

The Task Force on the Antiracist Library envision a DU Libraries where systemic racism is no longer and create interrogative processes and structures for making that vision a reality. The Task Force examines library culture, policies, and practices through an antiracist lens and makes immediate and long-term recommendations for reckoning with how institutional racism manifests in our organization and community. The Task Force reviews and uses appropriate models and frameworks for approaching this work.

Inclusivity and Diversity Committee

Active 2007–present

In early 2007, the University Libraries created the Diversity Advisory Committee to coordinate with the Center for Multicultural Excellence and other University divisional diversity committees working to support the university’s approach of Inclusive Excellence. In 2017 the committee changed its name to the Inclusivity and Diversity Committee (IDC). IDC collaborates with other committees, departments, and task forces, both within the Libraries and across campus, to promote wider understanding and application of Inclusive Excellence and to support a diverse DU community. It has worked on a number of projects throughout its history, including:

  • Organizing and delivering diversity training to its staff, faculty and students
  • Initiating and implementing the Freedom of Expression statement named “This is a library” that is displayed in all the digital signs in the Anderson Academic Commons
  • Ensured that content reflecting diversity are incorporated into its displays and exhibits
  • Collaborated with the Libraries Community Engagement Task Force and Professor Art Jones to deliver the presentation: “A Nation that Does Not Yet Exist: The Role of Spirituals in Resistance and Resilience.”

Neurodiversity and UDL Learning Community

Active 2021–present

The Neurodiversity and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Learning Community explores ways we can improve our services, tools, and library instruction to better meet the diverse needs of our students. The group researches best practices, pedagogies and methodologies in neurodiversity and UDL, and shares their findings and makes recommendations to the greater DU Libraries faculty.

Collection Diversification Task Force

Active 2017–2019

The Collection Diversification Task Force sought to diversify scoped subject area, craft a methodology, and determine if it can be generalized and/or modified for future projects. Due to the fact our campus stands on land that once belonged to the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, and our institution’s ties to the Sand Creek Massacre, we chose to undertake diversifying our collections by and about Indigenous peoples, with additional focus on the Cheyenne and Arapaho.

The Task Force identified an integrated 5-step strategy for analyzing and improving our collection.

Accessibility Task Force

Active 2018–2019

Working in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, as suggested by the American Library Association, the mission of the University Libraries’ Accessibility Task Force is to evaluate and improve access to all aspects of the Libraries’ digital presence. This is to be done through, but not limited to, evaluation of library services and providing plans of action based on the results, working closely with University Disability Services, coordinating with third-parties on accessibility issues, and training of staff throughout the library on the importance of this work and how to incorporate it into their regular workflows. Beyond work completed by the Task Force, the members will act as champions for accessibility work throughout the Libraries.

The Task Force produced a University Libraries State of Accessibility Report, detailing areas for improvement in each Library Department, and suggested steps for implementing such improvements.