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University Libraries

University Libraries

University Libraries

About the Libraries


The University of Denver Libraries connect students, faculty, staff, and the broader University community to knowledge in all forms. Reflecting the University's mission, we support teaching, research, scholarship, and creative endeavors by providing diverse resources and services for all stages of the information lifecycle. By so doing, we preserve our varied cultural heritage, facilitate lifelong learning, and inspire our students and faculty to question, contemplate, and engage


The University Libraries

  • Serve the teaching and research missions of the University.
  • Support transparent dialogue to foster communication and collaboration.
  • Cultivate inclusion and diversity as values that enhance connections to community and foster cultural competence.
  • Build and support a culture of learning.
  • Practice evidence-based decision making to ensure quality and continuous improvement.
  • Recognize changing needs, respond nimbly, and may take calculated risks to achieve the mission and goals.
  • Seek out and apply innovative ideas while maintaining best practices.
  • Endorse the professional values articulated by the American Library Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the Society of American Archivists.

Annual Reports

Each year the University Libraries issue an annual report that reviews its performance over the past year. The annual report also highlights programs, projects, and activities that occurred during the year at the Libraries, as well as details of normal operations.



Strategic Plan


The University of Denver Libraries strive to provide outstanding collections and services to the University community. Until 2013, that was done within the constraints of a building designed for a different information paradigm. We reinvented library services bounded by the limits of Penrose Library, and that vision for collections and services helped shape the Anderson Academic Commons (AAC).

Our new building presents opportunities for collaboration and reflection to which other libraries aspire. Now, in planning for the next five years, we again have the opportunity to reimagine what the academic library can be, and how it can engage in the many facets of providing student-centered learning; enhance faculty teaching, creative work, and research; and augment the dynamic array of University connections with communities locally, regionally, and beyond.



The University Libraries are dedicated to helping University of Denver students, faculty, staff, and others, to create a community of clean water and air, vibrant ecosystems, locally sourced food, strong economies, and healthy, productive individuals. The University Libraries’ Sustainability Committee promotes sustainability by adopting policies and practices committed to environmental justice, social equity, and economic sustainability.

Find out more about the Libraries' Sustainability program

About the Building

The Anderson Academic Commons brings together the University of Denver's main library and popular academic support services in one convenient location. Opening in 2013, the LEED Silver Certified building reflects 10 years of feedback about ideal academic and library services for 21st century students and teachers.

To learn more about the Anderson Academic Commons, visit:Anderson Academic Commons External View

Photos & Features: Floor-by-floor photos, floor plans, and attractions.

A Library Reimagined: A video tour of the building and its services.

Building Renovation: Information and videos documenting the construction project.


  • 780,000+ Annual visits
  • 154,223 ft² Building
  • 114,000 Online journals
  • 39,500 Linear feet of library collections onsite
  • 4,000+ Pieces of furniture refurbished and reused from Penrose Library
  • 2,000 Seats, each with access to power outlets
  • 1,000 Databases
  • 200 Seats in the Special Events Room
  • 135 Computers (Macs & PCs) for patron use
  • 92 Seats in the Front Porch Café
  • 54 Seats on the porch
  • 32 Group study rooms
  • 6 Seminar rooms
  • 2 Fireplaces