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Current Exhibits

Forest Stories: Book Arts from the Environmental Studio of Mary Ellen Long

Thru November 28 | Upper Level, near main staircase

mary ellen long artists book

To artist Mary Ellen Long, the forest outside her Colorado home is her library, a place to gain knowledge of the world and catch up with the latest news. She presents the results of her research through woodland installations and symbolic volumes made from natural and found materials which explore themes of nature, ritual, process, and time.

This exhibition showcases Long's "forest stories," both from her personal collection and from the University Libraries' Fine Press and Artists' Books Collection. 

Learn more about the artworks and the artist in this video presentation given by Mary Ellen Long at the University of Denver Libraries in September 2016.


Thru December 5 | Upper Level, near main staircase

A series of colorful posters with playful typeface revive the performances and festivals staged at the University of Denver in the early 1950s.


Thru December 13 | Upper Level, outside Dean's Suite (AAC 370)

Denver Ballet Guild Exhibit

This exhibit explores the history and impact of the Denver Civic Ballet, Denver's first semi-professional ballet company, and its support organization, the Denver Civic Ballet Guild. The company hosted world-renowned artistic directors and guest artists from the American Ballet Theatre and other international companies, bringing the sophistication of professional ballet to Denver for the first time. Though the company folded in 1979 after 21 years of performances, it launched the careers for dance notables who made a lasting impact on dance, and are profiled in the exhibit. The guild continues today in its current form, the Denver Ballet Guild.


Thru January 20, 2017 | Main Level, Special Events Room (AAC 290)

Circle of Sisters Circle of Friends Exhibit

Circle of Sisters / Circle of Friends is a coalition of civilian women who served with various organizations in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. This exhibit shows some of their mementos and tells of their experiences, including with Operation Babylift, the mass evacuation of orphan children from South Vietnam to the United States and other countries at the end of the Vietnam War, in 1975. For more information on these materials, contact Special Collections and Archives.


Thru February 28, 2017 | Upper Level, Deline Family Reading Area (AAC 376)

 chemistry and inforgraphics

Using the services and resources of the University Libraries, sophomore students in Prof. Debbie Mitchell's analytical chemistry course created infographics to simplify and share the complex and cool stuff happening in chemistry. This exhibit showcases these intellectual and creative student works as well as highlights the successful DU partnership between professors and librarians to integrate information literacy and creative thinking into science curriculum. #DUCHEMINFO

Blazing the Trail: Colorado Jewish History

Ongoing | Lower Level, outside Special Collections (Room 101)

The Gold Rush of 1859 brought the first Jewish Settlers to Colorado in search of opportunity and adventure. The unpredictability of gold mining and a growing demand for supplies encouraged many of the early Jewish pioneers to open small businesses. By the 1870s, Jewish families helped to establish stable communities in Denver as well as Leadville, Central City, Trinidad, and Pueblo as part of Colorado's development. This exhibit traces the central role of Denver's early Jews in the city's growth and prosperity.

Upcoming Exhibits 

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