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Special Events Room Policy

The Anderson Academic Commons is designed to enhance and extend the library as a center of academic community and campus life. The University of Denver Libraries welcomes campus organizations and University-affiliated groups to hold events, meetings, and other functions in the Anderson Academic Commons Special Events Room. Requests by other groups may be considered as identified in this policy.

This document explains the policies related to Special Events Room usage. In some cases, exceptions will be considered. All requests for exceptions and special permission must be submitted in writing to the University Libraries Dean's Office at 2150 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80208.  Please call Andrew Miller at 303-871-3433 for additional information.


The Special Events Room is a 3,028 square foot room that is acoustically controlled, walled with glass, and connected to a catering galley. It is equipped with state-of-the-art, high definition technology, including video presentation and capture technology. The room seats up to 150 guests at round tables, or 200 in lecture style.

These features give the Special Events Room the flexibility to support an array of academic or affiliated events, such as hosted meal events and receptions, art and rare book collection exhibitions, and interactive programs and lecture series. Just as importantly, when events are not taking place, it is used as a centrally located study area


The following groups are eligible to reserve the Anderson Academic Commons Special Events Room:

  • Organizations or units that are part of the University
  • Organizations or groups affiliated with the University
  • Other organizations, especially non-profit organizations, whose primary mission and intended event or meeting is instructional or research-related and which may contribute to or enhance the academic or cultural life of the campus

The University Libraries will give priority to requests from University-affiliated groups. Requests from other organizations will be considered, but will be subject to availability, ease of scheduling, and relevance to the mission of the Libraries as a center of academic community and campus life.


All requests should be made using 25 Live. When a reservation request is made, a follow-up email will be sent to the primary contact person within two business days. The email will include a copy of the request details and anticipated charges. If you have any questions about the reservation process, please contact James Dursch at 303-871-7419.

Room reservations can be made up to six months in advance. Room setup details are required at least five business days prior to the event. Technology details are required at least ten business days prior to the event. Cancellations are required at least three business days prior to the event. Requests that deviate from these deadlines are not guaranteed, and additional fees may apply.

Events should occur during normal library operating hours. Due to constraints on space, requests for events that take place during or near final exam weeks will only be approved under special circumstances. The Special Events Room may not be used for regularly scheduled classes. In order to allow the broadest possible use of the space, recurring meetings are limited.


Use of food and drink must be indicated on the room reservation request. The Special Events Room has a food preparation area available, which groups are responsible for cleaning after use. Additional cleaning charges may apply.

DU Flavours by Sodexo provides all catering services for the Anderson Academic Commons. Use of external caterers may be allowed if catering costs are less than $400, or if there are acceptable reasons to choose another vendor, such as to allow for a Kosher reception.

Use of alcohol may be permitted, but must follow University guidelines that require the use of a bartender. In all cases, groups are responsible for food and drink arrangements with vendors, including service agreements and payment.


The Special Events Room has full high definition audiovisual capabilities and sound reinforcement. The room offers up to five video displays that may all show the same or different content or image magnification, as well as audio and voice reinforcement, and annotation capabilities.

A technology walk-through and consultation is required at least 10 business days prior to the event. All preliminary technology requests should be made at the time of the reservation, and any additional requests should be made at the 10 day walk-through.

There will be an additional charge for use of the technology in the room. Requests made less than three business days prior to the event may incur a late fee. All technology use will be mediated by a staff technician. If requested, the technician may stay at the event for an additional hourly charge. For a more detailed description of available technology and pricing, see University internal fees or Non-University external fees.


Groups may rearrange furniture in the room to accommodate usage, but furniture must be returned to its original location at the conclusion of the event.  Supplemental furniture may also be brought in by an outside vendor with special permission. Groups are responsible for arrangements with vendors, including service agreements and payment.  Additional charges may be incurred for setup and take-down as requested.


Liabilities and Insurance: Groups not affiliated with the University will be required to purchase insurance for the event.

Cancellation: Cancellations must be received at least three business days prior to the event; late notification will incur a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees may be waived if weather conditions or other emergencies cause the cancellation. University Libraries may deny future requests for room reservations, especially in the case of multiple cancellations. The sponsoring group is responsible for cancelling any other non-library services that it may have arranged, such as catering or furniture rentals.

Parking: Parking arrangements should be made with Parking Services. The library is not responsible for parking tickets that may be issued.

Safety: Due to fire code regulations, the number of guests attending the scheduled function must not exceed the capacity of the room. In addition, aisles leading to exit doors must not be obstructed. The maximum capacity of the space is dependent on setup and will be included in the room reservation confirmation.



For events, such as academic conferences, that require the use of multiple rooms in addition to the Special Events Room and/or cover multiple days, requesters must make arrangements through Conference and Event Services. Reservations for large events may be made up to 18 months in advance. A minimum of two months' notice is usually required to ensure that proper arrangements can be made.


Reservation Needs

 Reservation Deadline

Cancellation Deadline

Events Room Only

Five business days before event, Up to six months in advance

3 business days before event


10 business days before event

3 business days before event


Varies by vendor

Varies by vendor