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Zero Waste Finals

Help the Library to Aim High

Zero Waste Finals at the AAC are November 16 - 20, and we’re aiming to achieve a high diversion rate!  What does that mean?  It means that the library is hoping to divert as much as possible of the building’s compostable and recyclable waste from the landfill.  Will you help us achieve our goal? 

Get Caught Being Green Handed

During Zero Waste Finals, November 16 - 20, volunteers will be roaming the library on the lookout for people being sustainable. Get caught being “green handed” and you’ll get a prize!

Compost your Pizza Box and Win a Pizza!

Did you know that during Zero Waste Finals, November 16 - 20, if you put your greasy pizza box in the green compost container across from the Lending Desk you can enter a daily raffle drawing to win a free pizza?  It’s so easy.  After composting your pizza box, stop by the Lending Desk to fill out a raffle ticket. You’ll definitely be a winner by helping the library to divert its waste from the landfill, and you may win a pizza as a “thank you” too!

What about that Coffee Cup?

Good news! If you bought your coffee at the Front Porch Café, Beans, or another Sodexo venue (or if the cup says compostable or has the BPI compost logo), then you can compost your coffee cup in the green compost bins. Unfortunately, if your coffee is from Starbucks, Kaladi, Einsteins, or does not say compostable, then the cup is landfill due to its liner. Not all is lost--you can still recycle the lid and deposit the cardboard sleeve in either a recycling or compost container.

Questions about Zero Waste Finals?

If you are unsure about where to put your trash, or want to know more about composting and recycling, an information table will be staffed by volunteers to answer your questions during select times throughout the week. Look for us at the table on the main level, next to the Front Porch Café and across from the Lending Desk.  We’ll also have panels with examples of common compostable, recyclable, and landfill items located next to the tri-bins on each level of the library.

Want to learn more about sustainability efforts at Anderson Academic Commons? Check out our current initiatives!