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Living Legends of Dance in Colorado

Since 2004, the annual "Legends of Dance in Colorado" honors individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to dance. Starting with the untimely death of Freidann Parker, co-founder of Colorado Ballet, we realized it was time to preserve the rich dance heritage of Colorado.

In order to preserve the history, a video interview is recorded of all honorees, and with relevant photos and memorabilia, all are placed in Special Collections. Interviews are available online in our digital repository and can be reached through the links below.

We are seeking nominations for our 2019 "Legends of Dance!" If you know someone who has significantly contributed to the Colorado dance community, please submit a nomination here

legends honorees 


Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop
Ana Claire
Denver Ballet Guild
Nada Diachenko
Kathy Hill
Jane Spain

Gene GeBauer
Celeste Grynberg
Maria Mosina
Fran Page
Deborah Reshotko
Damian Woetzel

3rd Law Dance/Theater
Colorado Springs Dance Theatre
Judy Graese
Stephen Seifert
Nii Armah Sowah


Garrett Ammon
Monica Hill
Nancy Smith
Ingvar Sodal
Jane Slusarski-Harris


Gil Boggs
Rita Flores de Wallace
Noel Hefty
Howard Sayette
Debbie Stark
Hope Moore Wagonner


John Bradford
Linda Kent
Tom Masterson
Susan Tracy