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Library Liaison Advisory Group

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About the LLAG

The Library Liaison Advisory Group meets to discuss library issues relating to research, collections, services, and curriculum.


2017-2018 University Libraries Association Proposal guidelines and form

Liaison Responsibilities

  • Act as the primary library contact for the academic unit.Faculty Room
  • Work with the academic unit's Library contact to resolve library concerns or issues identified by the academic unit.
  • Work with the academic unit's Library contact in the development of the library's print and electronic collection as it relates to the unit's curriculum & research needs.
  • Communicate library policies, procedures, collection development issues, services, & other pertinent library news to the academic unit.
  • Serve with other liaisons on the Library Liaison Advisory Group.



Accountancy Erin Nickell Esther Gil x13412
Anthropology Bonnie Clark Jenny Bowers x13403
Art and Art History Annette Stott Peggy Keeran x13410
Asian Studies Li Peters Jenny Bowers x13403
Biological Sciences Tom Quinn Naomi Bishop x14499
Business Ethics and Legal Studies Tricia Olsen Esther Gil x13412
Business Information and Analytics Young Jin Lee Esther Gil x13412
Chemistry and Biochemistry Gareth Eaton Naomi Bishop x14499
Colorado Women's College Carol Zak-Dance Carrie Forbes x13407
Communication Studies Armond Towns Jenny Bowers x13403
Computer Science Nathan Sturtevant Naomi Bishop x14499
Economics Tracy Mott Esther Gil x13412
Education Krystyna Matusiak Carrie Forbes x13407
Electrical and Computer Engineering Mohammad Abdul Matin Naomi Bishop x14499
Emergent Digital Practices Laleh Mehran Peggy Keeran x13410
English Bin Ramke Peggy Keeran x13410
English Language Center Rachel DeDeyn Chris Brown x13404
Faculty Senate Annabeth Headrick Peggy Keeran x13410
Faculty Senate Jamie Shapiro Peggy Keeran x13410
Finance Chris Hughen Esther Gil x13412
Gender and Women's Studies Lisa Martinez Jenny Bowers x13403
Geography Erika Trigoso Naomi Bishop x14499
History Carol Helstosky Peggy Keeran x13410
Hospitality Management Amrik Singh Esther Gil x13412
International Studies Lynn Holland Chris Brown x13404
Judaic Studies Alison Schofield Peggy Keeran x13410
Languages and Literatures Lydia Gil Keff Peggy Keeran x13410
Latino Center for Community Engagement & Scholarship Lisa Martinez Jenny Bowers x13403
Library and Information Sciences Clara Sitter Erin Meyer x13445
Management Jeff Bowen Esther Gil x13412
Marketing Melissa Akaka Esther Gil x13412
Mathematics Paul Horn Naomi Bishop x14499
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Matthew Gordon Naomi Bishop x14499
Media, Film, and Journalism Studies Christof Demont-Heinrich Jenny Bowers x13403
Music David Montano Ellwood Colahan x16427
Philosophy Marco Nathan Peggy Keeran x13410
Physics and Astronomy Dinah Loerke Naomi Bishop x14499
Political Science Spencer Wellhofer Chris Brown x13404
Professional Psychology Jamie Shapiro Jenny Bowers x13403
Psychology Jill Holm-Denoma Jenny Bowers x13403
Public Policy Robert Fusfeld Chris Brown x13404
Real Estate and Construction Management Glenn Mueller Esther Gil x13412
Religious Studies Alison Schofield Peggy Keeran x13410
Social Work Michele Hanna Jenny Bowers x13403
Sociology and Criminology Paul Colomy Jenny Bowers x13403
Theatre Anne Penner Ellwood Colahan x16427
University College Allison O'Grady Chris Brown x13404
World Languages and Cultures Alison Nishi Peggy Keeran x13410
Writing Program Carol Samson Carrie Forbes x13407