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Collections Care

OBJECT Care, handling, & Treatment

Agents of Deterioration (Canadian Conservation Institute 2014)

Object Care, Handling, and Treatment Summary (National Road Association of Illinois 2007)

Object Handling (Museums & Galleries of NSW)

Handling, Packing, Shipping (National Park Service 1999)

Storing Cultural Objects (Caring for American Indian Objects 2004, full book available here)

Museum Registration Methods (Rebecca A. Buck and Jean Allman Gilmore)

A Legal Primer on Managing Collections (Marie C. Malaro) 


American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) - Tips for caring for your collections; listing of professional conservators by region and expertise

Preparing, Protecting, Preserving Your Family Treasures - Instruction as well as links to comprehensive information for preparing, protecting and preserving many types of family heirlooms

Conservation Online (CoOL)

Conserve O Grams

Harvard Conservation Guidelines - Methods for transferring library materials to another location

Heritage Emergency National Task Force - Tips for handling water-damaged valuables and cleaning family treasures

Image Permanence Institute - Information on the preservation of photographs and digital output

North East Document Conservation Center

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists

Photographs: Archival Care and Management (Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler and Diane Vogt-O'Connor with Helena Zinkham, Brett Carnell, and Kit Peterson 2006)

Care and Identification of 19th-Century Photographic Prints (James M. Reilly 1986)

Temperature, humidity, & light

Comparing Temperature and Relative Humidity Dataloggers for Museum Monitoring (National Park Service 2011)

Materials, Humidity, Light, Temperature (Conservation Concerns: A Guide for Collectors & Curators 1992, full book available here)

Dew Point Calculator


Matting and Framing for Art and Artifacts on Paper (NDCC)

Protecting Paper and Book Collections during Exhibition (NDCC)

Safe Plastics & Fabric for Exhibit and Storage (National Park Service 2004)

Pest Management

Planning and Implementing Pest Control (Smithsonian Institute 1997) 

Identifying Museum Insect Pest Damage (National Park Service 2008)

Common Insect Pests of Museums in North America